Financial Partners

mandag 25. februar 2008 17:57

The production of the family film YOHAN is budgeted at 35 million Norwegian Crowns. 


This is the largest family movie production in Norway, measured by the number of actors, locations, and budget. 


Penelope Film receives support from the following financial partners for the production of the movie YOHAN:


Norwegian Film Fund  www.filmfondet.no


During the summer of 2007, the Norwegian Film Fund decided to contribute 8.6 million Norwegian Crowns to the production of YOHAN.  This support was necessary for getting the production off the ground.  Penelope Film has worked for 17 years on research, manuscript, and financing of the film production.  http://www.filmfondet.no/icm.aspx?PageId=1667


Sparebanken Sør (Savings Bank, South) www.sor.no


Cultiva  www.cultiva.no

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