Two video blogs

fredag 17. oktober 2008 10:04

Morten Abel

Video blogs with some insight to life behind the camera during production of Yohan can be found in the video section of the site. We’ve chosen to highlight two of them; watch Morten Abel behind the scenes and an interview with line producer Bill Dion from America.

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Extras for the Church market

fredag 17. oktober 2008 10:01

Here’s the list of extras that took part in the big church market scene! Penelope film managed to get a lot of willing extras, and were thrilled about everyone who wanted to take part.

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BICO New Partner

fredag 17. oktober 2008 09:55


BICO was all set to team up with Penelope Film. As one of Southern Norways largest carpenter and construction companies,  they constructed gypsy wagons for the movie Yohan. 

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Preparations for spring shoot

fredag 17. oktober 2008 09:42

Paul Magnus LundøBack In mid-March,  preparations for the spring shoot were well under way. Paul M. Lundø was busy drawing storyboards and conceptual art as well as models for items needed for the spring shoot. There were many tasks that needed to be completed before shooting could start. After the drawings were finished, sets and props needed to be found.  Paul also worked as a decorator on set.

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Lots of exstras

onsdag 15. oktober 2008 12:53

Mange statister møtte fram - det gjorde også media


In mid-march during preparations for spring and summer shooting, Penelope Film had a search for adult extras for the movie Yohan.

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Got the dream job

onsdag 15. oktober 2008 12:33

Kamreaassitent Eva Gausvik i aksjon med filmklipperen.


The movie industry is among the toughest in the world to get in to. 26-year-old Eva Gausvik from Kvinnherad is among those who have managed to get through the eye of the needle. Eva got her dream job.

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Kyle Callanan, aging expert

mandag 22. september 2008 11:30

Kyle Callanan from Wanaka in New Zeland was part of the production of Yohan as a consultant on aging of the costumes used in YOHAN. Penelope Film wants the movie to be authentic down to the last detail.

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Shooting with wolves in America

mandag 22. september 2008 10:51

During the end of February 2008 Penelope Film were in America shooting winter scenes with wolves for the movie YOHAN. The famous Hollywood animal trainer, Steve Martin, delivered the wolves to the location, in the mountains north of Los Angeles.

Steve Martin also delivered the wolves for the film “Dances With Wolves”. http://www.workingwildlife.com/pages/3052/

Producer Odd Hynnekleiv was very pleased with the shoot where they got plenty of snow.

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Memento Poster

mandag 14. juli 2008 15:21


Many talented people, large and small have been working both in front and behind the camera for 3-4 months on the big family film YOHAN. The staff that were present at the wrap party each recieved a Memento Poster from their time on set. A big part of crew, actors and animals are featured on the poster.

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Slate 1000

tirsdag 08. juli 2008 07:20

Slate 1000 YOHAN

Yohan reached slate 1000 on thursday 5th of June. Clapper Eivind Frøystad has been imortalized with a clapper decorated with campangne glasses. The big day was celebrated with continued shooting.


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